About Anthony Armendariz

Anthony is the co-founder and chief design officer at Funsize, a digital product design agency based in Austin, TX. He is the host of the Hustle Podcast and organizes The Fold–a community of Texas-based design leaders. He and his wife Natalie (co-founder/design director) also invest in minority and female-led startups via Funsize Ventures.

Show notes

Anthony Armendariz, founder and Chief Design Officer at Funsize.co leads the Funsize team with incredible innovation. They operate under (1) the traditional agency model of client service, (2) an Allied Team Model where they match up their teams with in-house teams, and (3) a most recent need to Augment Staff to larger companies.

Listed as one of the fastest and most successful companies in Texas by Inc. 5000 (https://stories.funsize.co/funsize-named-among-most-successful-companies-in-texas-by-inc-5000-regionals-909623a8871d), Funsize continues to seek to innovate agencies that serve with some of the most inventive and well known brands, all the while focused on building a culture that truly cares for the Funsize team.

Learn more about the complexities they face, what they still don't know, and what the future holds for Funsize!

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