About Adam Gesuero

Adam is creative director at Image Conscious Studios, a digital shop that partners with both emerging and established brands to tell their story through beautiful digital experiences.

Starting out as a designer (and a photographer before that), Adam now leads the team at ICS. He believes good design is as much about communication and solving problems as it is about creating beautiful stuff. His biggest priorities are to ensure the team is happy, clients are satisfied, and the work they’re doing is strategically aligned to measurable goals and outcomes (and looks amazing).

Show notes

Adam shares his story of freelancer to leader of a team at Image Conscious Studios.

Topics included in this episode:

-How Adam's relationship with design has changed

-How Adam, as the owner, works with the Project Manager at ICS

-Why finding the right cultural fit in new team members matters at ICS

-How the creative team at ICS works with clients

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