About Jeremiah Smith

Jeremiah Smith is the Cofounder and CEO of SimpleTiger, a boutique digital marketing agency specializing in SEO for entrepreneurs. The SEO industry is plagued by smoke and mirrors, blackhat techniques, and a lack of transparency, and Jeremiah wants to change that for good. For 11 years, Jeremiah has helped companies like Segment.com, Shopify, NBC, MTV, E*Trade, LG, and Sports Illustrated see significant gains in their search results, organic traffic, and revenue.

Show notes

In episode 80, Jason Blumer and his guest, Jeremiah Smith of Simple Tiger, cover areas related to SEO and beyond, including:

  • How SEO relates to inbound marketing
  • The value of SEO to clients
  • The importance of permission marketing
  • Why he decided to choose one service (SEO) and commit to being excellent in that one area
  • How Simple Tiger educates clients on getting the most value from the traffic they get
  • The role of ethics in an SEO firm
  • Researching key words
  • Maximizing the value of videos and repurposing other content

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