About Mike Monteiro

Some say the clothes make the man. Others say it’s opinions. Co-founder of Mule, Mike likes to have a bet both ways. His 2012 book, Design is a Job, was a love letter to hard work, self-awareness, and the importance of a good tailor.

Mike cultivates his reputation around being serious about design, human rights, a damn fine joke, and the Phillies. His philosophy of supportive antagonism helps Mule create great internal and external projects. He has given talks about the responsibility of designers in client relationships at conferences such as CreativeMornings, TYPO, and An Event Apart.

Mike received his BA in Fine Art from the Tyler School of Art at Temple University, and his MFA in Graphic Design from University of Texas, Austin.

Show notes

Mike Monteiro joins Dan and Jason for a spirited (and funny!) conversation about positioning, pricing, selling design, and how sometimes you need to fake it until you make it.

Hear his insightful views on pricing effectively, never coming from a place of fear, positioning your company in the ever-changing world of design, and how in the end, you are the sum of your clients.

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