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Austin L. Church is a writer, brand consultant, and online entrepreneur. After finishing his M.A. in Literature in 2008 and getting laid off from a marketing agency in 2009, Austin started freelancing. He got into iOS and Android apps and eventually sold his portfolio of 30+ apps. In 2013 he co-founded a tech startup called Closeup.fm (touring, ticketing, and communication software for performing artists). In 2018 he co-founded a branding and marketing studio called Balernum. When Austin isn’t helping online creators and entrepreneurs build real brands and make a positive impact, he teaches freelance creatives how to have a record year doing their most joyful, profitable work. Austin, his wife Megan, and their three children live in Knoxville, Tennessee. You can learn more at FreelanceCake.com.

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Even consultants need coaching! Austin Church discovered the secret to selling strategy to strategists, and he's here to share it far and wide. Austin started as a copywriter before moving to brand consulting, all while building an online business and developing an app. So, why is he selling strategy now? Tune in to hear his answer and discover strategies that'll help you achieve better results with less effort. Prepare to walk away with the answers to the following burning questions: what does selling strategy look like on a daily basis? How much should I be charging per session? How you can start working on this valuable process TODAY? Tune in for all the secrets.

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