About Erik Reagan

Erik runs a branding and web shop in Savannah, Ga called Focus Lab. He and his co-founder Bill Kenney started the shop in 2010 and have grown the team to about 15 people currently.

Formerly writing code all day, Erik now is in charge of what he considers “Operations” at the shop. He makes sure the team is healthy and equipped, the work pipeline is full, and the work is challenging but engaging.

Show notes

We kicked off this episode by diving into how Erik defines design, and how it may be different than how his team defines design. The first step is to find out how the customer designs their own business. Once Focus Lab understands how the client's business was designed, they can then 'design' a solution to meet their needs. They will even perform the DISC profile with their clients so that they can speak to the client in a way that they understand.

They started Sidecar (see link to the right) as a response to having a slow summer last year so that they could generate revenue in addition to their client revenue.

On the episode, Erik also discusses how profit margins can suffer as a result of taking on more complex clients and sites, and so much more.

Check out Jason Blumer's commentary on this episode beginning at 63:52.

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