About Jim Macdonald

Jim is Philadelphia born and Lehigh Valley raised. He attended Lehigh University and later, secured a job at Mack Trucks supervising the sales engineering computer division of the marketing department.After 14 years of working at Mack Trucks, he decided to kick start his own marketing company. With his skill set in marketing and technology, he founded JX2 Technologies.

As the Internet boomed, the company began to specialize in website development and online marketing. After several years of collaboration with 3Seed, the two companies merged in 2014. The rest is history.

Among his many contributions to 3Seed, Jim’s main focus is managing client relationships and sales. He believes that the two are best married together. Lend him a minute of your time and he’ll also be successful in making you laugh.

Outside of the office, Jim enjoys playing music, exercising, watching bad movies (and some good ones) on Netflix, and spending time with his family, including his two dogs.

Jim is broccoli. Although he will tell you it’s one of his favorite vegetables, many believe that the green veggie has an uncanny resemblance to his curly hair.

Show notes

In this interview, we dive deep with Jim to find out why they merged with another company to create a large marketing powerhouse, how you know when to merge, and how this affects team growth.

We also touch on how to hire fast, how partners should argue, and how to create roles for each partner to fulfill.

A question posed by Jim on the show maybe the listeners can help answer: "how do you effectively hand off a relationship from a salesperson in an agency to Account Management to have that client served well?"

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