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Mike is a Producer with Rauch Brothers Animation with a focus on character-driven cartoons working at the intersection between the arts and commerce, and discovering ways to align the interests and talents of artists with business needs.

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Mike talks about Onboarding becoming a great way to align not only new clients, but existing clients as well. We discuss the steps Rauch Brothers Animation uses to onboard their clients.

Here are the 6 principles that drive the work of Rauch Brothers Animation:

1. Character is king
We’re dedicated to character-driven storytelling and animation. People enjoy a great story, but they fall in love with a great character.

2. Exaggeration = communication
Exaggeration is the very heart of cartooning and animation. It’s vital to memorable characters. It is a hallmark of powerful, clear communication.

3. Constant growth & improvement
We ask ourselves and our clients to experiment, take risks, and be challenged. That’s the path to transformative growth and improvement.

4. Good work is built on trust
Mutual trust is the foundation of good relationships and good work. We seek to foster that trust with collaborators, clients, and fans.

5. Be inclusive
We make work for people of all types, featuring characters of every kind, with a wide array of collaborators. It’s the right thing and it’s smart business.

6. Be passionate, do your best work
We love what we do. The energy and care creators devote to their craft is felt by the audience, who will value and enjoy it as a result.

Check out Jason Blumer's commentary on this episode beginning at 44:34.

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