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Matthew is a designer rooted in the visual language of studio art. His professional career spans design work for clients like The Gates Foundation, U.S. Postal Service, Fox, MIT, and Seth Godin. Matthew has led creative for top startups, founded one of the most respected co-working locations in the country, and launched the Greenville, South Carolina into internet famedom with the Grok event that attracts top talent from around the world. Matthew is an entrepreneur in his own right, as well as an inventor, advisor, consultant, and he speaks internationally on the business of design.

Show notes

In this episode, Matthew Smith joins Jason and Dan for Businessology’s second show on onboarding. From his experiences at companies like Relay Foods, to a brewery in Colorado, Matthew has gained a wealth of knowledge about onboarding for services and products. Why is onboarding intimately related to experience? How do you build a customer experience that instills both confidence and trust and what is the difference between the two? Listen to the episode for answers to these questions and more!

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