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Djuvane is the Founder, Team Leader & UI Designer at One Great Studio – a digital agency with roots in Jamaica. For 7 years he operated a one man design shop, doing everything from sales, accounting, design, front end development & a little php along the way. When his wife got pregnant with their second child, Djuvane started to have doubts about the viability of his one man shop & decided to go to Business School to get an MBA. While studying & working full time in his one man shop, he started to see opportunities for growth & decided to stick with design, but no longer as a freelancer. After tinkering with a couple different business models he was able to grow his one man shop into a 5 person digital agency, serving publicly traded companies, small businesses & churches in the US, Dubai, British Virgin Islands, Barbados & Jamaica, all from a small studio in the lush hills of Manchester, Jamaica.

Show notes

We talk about One Great Studio's transition into Value Pricing in 2015. We discuss what pricing used to be like in their agency, and then how a mind shift in thinking was necessary to give them the courage necessary to invest in a new pricing business model.

Value pricing is slow, but this has created opportunities for One Great Studio to think more deeply about how to help clients with what they need, instead of just what they are asking for.

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