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Jason spends most of his time looking for better ways to market professional services firms. He talks to a lot of marketers and leaders, asks a lot of questions, and pulls out insights his clients can use to help their clients, and their team, get better. Occasionally, Jason shares those insights via their blog or a webinar.

His most important job is connecting Rattleback with clients who have a burning desire to approach their marketing in new, more effective ways. After that, he works to ensure that they have the right people and knowledge to make it happen. And, a few times a year, he speaks at industry events to share what they’ve learned along the way.

Show notes

We glean huge amounts of information from Mlicki's 15 years of experience in his agency (that has been around for 44 years!). We dive into how Rattleback made decisions around their positioning, and how trying to nail your positioning is always a moving target.

We discuss why he chose to focus on a professional services niche, which led to many other questions:

  • what services are you providing to a narrow niche and is it perceived as more valuable just because you are niched?
  • does your agency experience increase when you narrow your focus?
  • does your value and price also go up as your experience goes up?
  • are tools/philosophies (like Hubspot) required for agencies practicing an inbound marketing strategy?
  • how can you 'deconstruct' thought leadership content into a digestible website?
  • how can you get your clients to read long-form content?
  • how could an agency remain a generalist in this day and age?
  • how does a focus change your revenue model (from project to recurring revenue)?

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