About The Honey Agency

Honey Agency is a brand & web agency. Nestled in California’s agricultural hub of Sacramento, Honey Agency thrives on designing meaningful digital experiences that connect food, people, and drink. Female‐owned and operated, they pay attention to the details knowing they bring the bigger picture to life. They believe if it’s meaningful, then it’s memorable. Honey Agency began in 2008 over a French press (and a couple glasses of wine) at Meghan’s kitchen table. The Queen Bees met years prior while working for a craft coffee roaster – Rebecca leading Design, and Meghan an expert in Consumer Marketing with a strong background in wine. Ready to leave their corporate jobs, they packed up their laptops and took flight into entrepreneurship. Now a hive of talented bees, they’ve outgrown the kitchen and together have helped over 100 clients.

Show notes

Meghan and Rebecca of The Honey Agency are very transparent as they share their story. They expose what they have learned about pricing, strategic customer selection and onboarding, losing a big client and half of their revenue, partner relationships and roles, and what's next as they shape their agency.

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