About Wil Reynolds

Wil founded SEER Interactive in 2002 which now employs over 70 people and is among the 100 fastest growing companies in Philadelphia. In addition to digital marketing, Wil is also passionate about giving back to the community and sits on the advisory board of Covenant House.

Show notes

Dan and Jason share a few notes about what to expect in Season 2. Look for guests that can teach us about positioning, pricing, and onboarding this season. Also, get ready for our new site and branding soon! And finally, we are excited about 2 roadshows that will focus on the front end of business, what to work on before the work begins. We hope to have a show in NYC as well as one on the west coast.

Wil Reynolds joins Dan and Jason and shares what he learned when he switched CEO roles with Rand Fishkin from Moz. Also hear how he deals with skeptics, the ONE thing SEER promises its clients, and so much more.

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