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Nate McGuire is the Founder and Developer of Cody My Views,Inc. Nate is a former Apple Finance turned entrepreneur.

Show notes

Nate and his co-founder, Connor Hood, have found a way to provide white glove service to those needing full stack development, or monthly web maintenance services on Wordpress. But they had to figure out who their client was so they can focus on selling their services for a profitable price. They focus on large agencies and large Fortune 500 enterprise companies.

It seems the design/web/code profession is de-coupling as service providers are seeing the value in focusing on what they do best, and letting other partners focus on their best service too. Cody My Views has built a white label platform allowing agencies to sell the services of Code My Views as part of the agency's own services.

Also discussed:

  • speed: they provide their service very quickly, and they price in a way that allows them to move fast. The faster you want delivery, the more you pay.
  • they price by the complexity, the timeline, and the type of project they are working on.
  • it's true, code can be viewed as a commodity.
  • part of the work of the leadership of Cody My Views is to constantly be looking for developers, instead of just hiring when they need one.
  • automating their service platform to serve more customers so that they only have to hire engineers ("anything you can write code for to make things easier, you should!")

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