About David C. Baker

David is the author of five books, three of which focus on the central elements of the business of expertise: positioning, financial management, and leadership. He speaks regularly on more than 70 topics relevant to entrepreneurial expertise, from 20 executives to 5,000 live on TV, all over the world. David also regularly appears as a guest on 15 different podcasts every month. He has worked with 900+ firms through the Total Business Review process. Engagements are remote or on-site, and each involves careful analysis and application to your specific situation. There are a half dozen options for working together.

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Authority figure. Thought leader. Revolutionary icon. We're just tossing out a few terms we would use to describe today's Businessology Show guest, David C. Baker. His work in the creative and digital space needs minimal introduction, and he's decided to spend an hour talking with Jason about the most challenging aspects of running an agency. "But isn't every aspect challenging?" Fair question, astute listener. You'll just have to tune in to discover whether you've got the secret sauce flowing their your agency's veins or not.

Learn more about David and what he offers the agency world here: https://www.davidcbaker.com/

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