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Throughout my career I’ve focused on building communities, connecting opportunities, leading, and teaching. I help teams level up business development. I help them grow audience, deepen affinity, and target the right partners. I believe sales works best when it is intentional, sincere, and sustainable. Every team can improve the way they attract partners, win business, grow accounts, and market.

Show notes

Jason Blumer chats with Joe Rinaldi, founder of That Was Clutch, on this episode of the Businessology Show. Joe brings to to the table a creative take on business development and avoiding the one-size-fits-all approach with his clients. He shares how beginning the process with general principles, but then allowing the nuance of each unique owner and client to shape his strategy has been key. They close the episode with discussing how agency math is often misguided and how future non-revenue generating projects are vital to sustainability.

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