About Marcel Petitpas

Marcel Petitpas is the CEO and Co-Founder of Parakeeto, a consultancy turned software company that helps service businesses increase profitability and close more deals by generating accurate, data-driven estimates in seconds using their existing time-tracking data.

He’s also the fraction COO at Gold Front, an award winning creative agency working with top silicon valley brands like Uber, Slack, Google, Keap, Robinhood and more.

When he’s not helping agencies run more profitably, you’ll find him cycling or renovating his home with his fiancĂ© Cearagh, or watching “The Office” on an endless loop.

Show notes

Jason and Marcel start off discussing how agencies have to navigate this uncertain time and how the ability to pivot and rethink in this new marketplace is vital. Marcel then shares his unique perspective on growth and what efficiently growing an agency means. He digs into the 4 Step Agency Profitability Flywheel they created to use when consulting clients.

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