About Trenton Moss

Trenton is founder and Head Coach at Team Sterka. He’s a business leader, trainer and coach that inspires those around him to achieve more than they thought they could.

Previously, he set up, scaled and then exited (after a successful acquisition) Webcredible, one of the UK’s leading experience design agencies. During his 15-year tenure as CEO, he trained, coached and worked with digital teams within some of the UK’s leading brands.

His first book is soon to be published, spilling all the secrets of how to succeed in the digital world. Entitled ‘Soft skills, real results: Supercharge digital product teams with EQ for great business outcomes’, you can get your copy this summer.

Show notes

This was a fun journey through the great joy Trenton experienced in building his agency. But then there was the downturn and the excruciating panic of losing thousands each month - which led him to know that he just can't do this anymore. The story of selling the agency is exciting, and surprising!

He spent the next few months working incredibly hard (he talks about how hard!) to turn the agency around so that he could sell it. He never looked back.

Trenton also discussed his journey to his current company, Team Sterka, and how the soft skill training and coaching (that all teams need) came directly out of his agency's own journey to lead their team to be better leaders with their own clients.

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