About Luke Summerfield

Luke wakes up each morning excited to discover, experience and share moments of inspirations. He does this at HubSpot, advising startups, writing and speaking.

Luke founded the Growth-Driven Design (GDD) movement which is transforming the world of web design. In the first ten months GDD grew from 0 -> 700 web design agencies in 56 countries offering GDD services to clients.

Before HubSpot Luke helped grow a digital agency for four years until it was acquired by Square 2 Marketing.

Show notes

Coming from the digital web side of an agency, Luke Summerfield learned that there are a lot of problems in how agencies deliver web deliverables to their clients. After some extensive research, Luke discovered that delivering websites is often unprofitable for an agency. He began to explore how this service could be delivered more profitably, and successfully, and came up with the minimum viable website (a name that did not resonate well with clients!).

This idea morphed into experiments within Hubspot's Partner Program that eventually came to be known as Growth-Driven Design. They've now launched a certification in Growth Driven Design in June 2016 to high acclaim.

In this episode, we talk to Luke about agency growth, the problems that all agencies face, and how an agency can begin moving toward selling web services to clients in profitable, and more sustainable ways.

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