About Artefact Founders

Rob Girling and Gavin Kelly are the co-founders of Artefact, a Seattle-based design and innovation consultancy, whose mission is to design products and experiences that inspire positive changes in human behavior. Creative thinkers, thoughtful designers and passionate entrepreneurs, Rob and Gavin attribute the success of Artefact by building a culture that promotes excellence, innovation and collaboration. In addition to driving an ongoing innovation program at Artefact, they successfully launched 10,000ft, a big picture project management tool for creative teams.

Before starting Artefact in 2006, Rob and Gavin contributed their design expertise to leading brands worldwide, including Microsoft, Sony, Apple and IDEO.

Show notes

Rob and Gavin share their journey as leaders individually and as CEOs of Artifact Group. Having recently celebrated their company’s tenth anniversary, we discuss how growing to a 60 team member company has required adjustments to their strategies.

We also discuss:

-What kind of work is so important that even clients can’t interrupt it

-How they have transitioned from doing design work (client work) to leading a team

-How developing a product for agencies affected them internally and why it became a spin off company (10000ft.com)

-The constant adaptations required as they look at emerging technologies

-Which kinds of companies need to devote resources to R&D

-The new skills needed by leadership as companies reach various stages of growth

-What it means to create an organization that will live on after you

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