About Workhorse Partners

Abe, Ashleigh and Tj are partners at Workhorse, a brand and creative content agency in Washington, DC. They help companies build better brands, execute strategic campaigns, and activate communities. Inspired by their team of designers, strategists, writers, and artists, they have built an agency that is collectively committed to zero BS, honest collaboration, and good old-fashioned hard work.

Workhorse is the result of a merger between two DC agencies, Workhorse Collective and Decent Workshop. The three partners recognized an opportunity to combine their respective backgrounds in design, content production, and creative strategy and redefine how to build brands and approach content. As a team, they have put this into practice, working with local and national brands that represent their ideal of ‘good businesses doing good things.’

Show notes

Ashleigh Ferran, TJ Cichecki, and Abe Garcia share key learning around becoming partners and the challenges of building authentic brands.

They address several topics including:

  • how they decided to become partners
  • the work they did to start their partnership out right, including discussing how it would end
  • why merging companies isn't an automatic fast track to bigger or faster sales
  • the book that helped them create the living document that guides their partnership
  • how Workhorse helps to build better and more authentic brands

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