About Mickey Mellen

As a founder and partner of GreenMellen Media, Mickey is regarded as the token “tech guy” and his insights are greatly valued on the GreenMellen team. With over 12 years of WordPress experience and a passion for helping others, you will often find Mickey leading a North Atlanta-based MeetUp, A Brighter Web.

He is also highly involved in social media and knows the ins and outs of everything from Facebook to Google+ and has spoken at many events around the country. You can also find Mickey coaching his daughter’s soccer team, playing softball or enjoying ice cream with his two girls and wife, Kelly.

Show notes

Mickey Mellen shares how he and his partner, Ali Green, started their agency and how they work as partners. He also shares the role of risk in their decisions, why they have chosen to keep their team at its current size, and how they hire.

Also hear Mickey's passion for the design community and why he began hosting meetups in the Atlanta area to build community with those who are normally competitors.

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