About Emily Cohen

A brutally honest consultant, Emily Cohen has been honored to consult and work with many leading design firms across the country. Through these experiences, she has developed, tested, and curated key business insights and strategies that have helped firms become more effective, profitable, and fun to work at. Emily conducts strategic business planning retreats and provides confidential, best-practice insights and advice on staff, client, and process-management strategies. She loves sharing her expertise through speaking engagements, guest posts, her Skillshare class, webinars, industry activism, and, most recently, in her new business book for creatives, Brutally Honest, No-bullshit business strategies to evolve your creative business. Emily Cohen is also fast-talker,a designer by degree, an avid reader, a trend-spotter, a connector, and her client’s advocate.

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Emily Cohen is a brutally honest consultant and talks with Jason Blumer about her design consulting experience and her new book, "Brutally Honest, No-bullshit business strategies to evolve your creative business." Emily shares her opinions on when to hire a project manager and the importance of building relationships with your clients.

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