About Meghan Phillips

Meghan Phillips pioneers a distinctive approach to brand strategy-bringing marketing and design under one undivided roof at Honey, a boldly comprehensive strategy and creative studio in Sacramento, California.

Inspired by her 20-plus years in the food and wine industry, Meghan is a talented storyteller and passionate advocate for community, policy, and young entrepreneurs. Her spirited stance on the power of creative has been sought out by various economic development boards and sparks discussion from coast to coast. As founder and CEO of Honey, she leads a diverse team that strategize and design work that makes an impact locally and nationally. The result: Empowering passion behind the food, beverage, cannabis and agriculture industries.

Show notes

Meghan Phillips of Honey joins Jason Blumer on this episode of the Businessology Show. Meghan and Jason talk about niching, designing internal processes and creating a tapestry with your team. Both Meghan and Jason are featured in Adam Davidson's new book, "The Passion Economy." Come see Adam, Meghan and Jason at SXSW in Austin, TX!

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