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Mickey joined forces with Ali Green to form GreenMellen back in 2009. Since then, he’s served as the Technical Director for the agency, helping our clients with all manner of technical and business advice.

A frequent speaker and sharer of knowledge, Mickey has also led the Atlanta-based A Brighter Web meetup since 2012. He also blogs daily on his personal website and co-hosts our Brighter Web podcast with Robert Carnes.

With nearly two decades of experience using WordPress, Mickey is an active supporter of the annual WordCamp Atlanta. He’s also a recent graduate of the altMBA program. Mickey lives in Marietta with his wife, Kelly, and their two daughters.

Show notes

Welcome to The Businessology Show! In today's episode, we dive into the intricate world of daily publishing with our guest, Mickey Mellen, who shares his insights on maintaining a steady stream of content and the absorbing method he’s adopted from none other than Charlie Munger himself. Join us as we explore the digital and tangible realms of reading, from flipping through the pages of "Poor Charlie's Almanack" to using cutting-edge tools like Kindle Scribe and Readwise.

Amidst reflecting on the roles of luck and strategy in business success post-COVID-19, Jason and Mickey discuss economic influences like election cycles and market forces, always with a mindful eye on the importance of recurring revenue and a sound financial buffer.

We'll uncover the personal journey of an agency leader who turned sporadic blogging into a powerful tool for self-improvement. Hear how Mickey leverages blogging to crystallize knowledge gained from life’s myriad experiences into compelling Sunday summaries.

Stay tuned for our in-depth conversation on how the pressing need to understand drives continuous learning and how maintaining a personal touch in a digital age reigns supreme over automation. This is The Businessology Show – let's get down to business!

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