About Richard Banfield

Richard is the CEO and Co-Founder of Boston based Fresh Tilled Soil, a strategic design agency with clients like Intel, GE, Microsoft, Constant Contact, Harvard Vanguard, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Rethink Robotics, MIT, Harvard University, Ritz-Carlton, Hubspot and many more. Richard was in the thick of it during the heady dot-com years, founding Acceleration, an international marketing automation business headquartered in London.

Show notes

Richard did video interviews with smart design leaders across the profession. This desire to know what other design leaders think led to a book called Design Leadership (see some of the interviews at the book link below). Richard gets transparent in this interview as he talks about how he had to change as a leader - focus and patience were his initial downfalls that he had to change. True creative leaders will stop doing many things, and will instead focus on the one thing only they can do well.

Creation of a vision, and the values that support that vision, need to be:

  • timeless
  • disconnected from technology, and
  • have immense focus built into them

There are many more leadership nuggets in this interview!

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