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Tom Greever helps companies and organizations design better websites and apps as the UX & Design Lead at Bitovi, a front-end design and development consulting company. Bitovi has worked with both small startups and large corporations across many different industries. Tom lives in Illinois with his wife and five kids. He is probably cleaning up the house right now.

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As Tom said on the show, "...there's a disconnect between the decisions we are making and our understanding of why we are making those decisions." He says it's because designers are so good at what they do. They do things subconsciously from years of training, but often fail to connect the dots for clients so that they can accept the ultimate design.

The ability to effectively articulate design decisions is critical to the success of a project, because the most articulate person often wins!

Learn the steps Tom takes to explain the value of design to non-designers (aka clients), and have them give buy-in.

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