About Jacqueline Green

Jacqueline Green is the CEO of Behind the Design, offering training, education, and marketing services to the design community. Jacqueline is a seasoned commercial interior designer, former college instructor, and a highly experienced marketing expert.

In 2019, Jacqueline founded Behind the Design, where her mission was and still is to build a stronger design community by reimagining how we educate, train, and support designers after college.

When Jacqueline isn’t busy wrangling her two Rottweilers, Bruno and Knox, she’s taking life one laugh at a time. From Indiana to Colorado, she’s been on quite the journey, including a surprise reunion with her high-school sweetheart, who is now her husband! With two grown sons to keep her on her toes, Jacqueline’s life is a delightful mix of love, laughter, and a whole lot of Rottweiler-sized chaos.

Show notes

Welcome back to The Businessology Show! Get ready for an exciting episode featuring Jackie Green, the dynamic CEO of Behind the Design. Jackie brings a wealth of experience from her corporate marketing, commercial design, and teaching background, making this discussion a must-watch for all creatives and entrepreneurs!

Jackie shares invaluable insights on the importance of effective client communication during the often-disruptive home construction process. She also dives into educational resources available for designers, covering everything from branding and software mastery to free content that can give your business the competitive edge it needs.

Settle in as Jason and Jackie also explore identifying your ideal clients, conquering fear in decision-making, and establishing robust systems for business growth. Get ready to ignite your passion for design, offload stress, and elevate your business game with the Businessology Show's transformative insights.

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