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Jason is co-founder and CEO of Brolik, a digital agency headquartered in Philadelphia. Jason leads marketing and new business efforts for the growing agency.

Show notes

In this episode, we discuss the difficulties of an agency that has to balance design for clients, while at the same time aligning digital strategy with the goals of the client. At Brolik, the team is always working internally to give their clients great design on top of a strategy that drives traffic and business.

Other topics discussed:
-Brolik is finding that clients need business growth strategists to uncover client needs, and not just agency owners to lead design.
-Brolik is building their own CMS called Leverage. Building a product inside of a service agency is a struggle, but is a challenge they have embraced.
-What it means to grow with 'living' Guidelines and Missions Statements.

Check out Jason Blumer's commentary on this episode beginning at 44:34.

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