About Matt Medeiros

Matt Medeiros is the host of popular WordPress podcast, The Matt Report. The show discusses the challenges and highlights of running a digital agency while standing in the crossroads of product development.

He is the co-founder of a digital agency, Slocum Studio and the product mind behind Conductor Plugin.

Show notes

Even though Matt builds products, he doesn't want to leave the service of clients in his agency. He just wants larger clients to help him sort through what types of products to build.

As he points out, there aren't 7 quick steps to building a product. But you can solve your own itch. Matt's product strategy is to "build for yourself first, then package it for the masses and see if they like it." In this strategy, there is no market research required as long as you know you need it first. Also, limit your market share, move up market and price more for high value as opposed to high volume.

Product development and client service goes together! We also talk about the intricacies of building a team around product building inside of a service agency.

Check out Jason Blumer's commentary on this episode beginning at 40:15.

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