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Tim Williams is founder of Ignition Consulting Group. As a recognized thought leader in marketing for agencies, he is a frequent speaker and presenter for industry associations, agency networks, universities, and business conferences both here and abroad. He is author of the book, Take a Stand for Your Brand ranked by Amazon as one of the top ten books on brand building. Tim’s latest book, Positioning for Professionals was published by John Wiley & Sons in 2010.

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Dan and Jason have a conversation with Tim about a number of topics that affect business owners. Some of the topics you'll hear in this episode include pull vs. push marketing, the role of constraints in positioning, fears surrounding creating a niche, knowing your purpose, when to fire a client, and how to price. Jason, Dan, and Tim all agree that constraints can allow you to grow. Deciding what not to do can be as valuable as deciding what you do. While Dan chooses to limit what work he does, Jason limits who he serves. Other ways to purposefully set constraints include how you work and why you work. Hear Tim give examples during the show. The conversation ends with an interesting discussion on pricing. Is it okay to bill by the hour? What are the pros and cons? You'll also hear some alternative ways to price.

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