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Jason M. Blumer, CPA, is the founding partner and CEO. He took over this role from his father, H. Marcus Blumer, in 2003 who started the firm in 1997. They worked out of a few bedrooms in the back of his dad’s house until they opened a brick and mortar office in Greenville, SC. In 2012, when the firm moved to the cloud, they closed the office and began learning how to lead a virtual firm.

Jason serves as the firm’s Visionary, leading the strategy with Julie of which markets to serve and how to approach the industries they serve with creativity and purpose. Jason got his Bachelors in Accounting from Wofford College in Spartanburg, SC. His near 30 year career has been so varied, he’s performed every function in the firm and many other companies he has worked in. From Controller, to National Payroll Manager, to Audit Manager, to Tax Specialist, to Consultant, he has gained the experience to lead all aspects of the firm into great growth. Jason and Julie, his partner, lead the firm as well as the Thriveal CPA Network, a community providing the education, community, and entrepreneurial support for accounting firm owners all over the world.

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In the continuation of our series on Strategic calendar work blocking, Jason dives deeper into how you can plan and organize your schedule to not just work hard, but work smart. Jason breaks down the importance of setting priorities and defining the importance of each task. With a structured working block from Monday to Saturday, 8 to 6, learn how to strategize and plan your calendar in advance with 8 to 10 different efforts including those dedicated to email handling, meetings, team-related work, and content production. Discover how strategic planning can enable you to make shrewd time management decisions, like shrinking meeting blocks to delegate and reduce personal involvement. Join Jason in exploring the art of creating specific blocks of time dedicated to content production - a masterstroke designed to produce both internal and external content efficiently. Align yourself with the intent behind Jason's deliberate decision to reduce external content production for the year and allocate more time for internal content. Unveil the perspective behind this decision, which points at a possible focus on writing a book. Also, learn about the framework Jason and his partner Julie use to organize their tasks using a task management tool called Todoist. Draw wisdom on how well-set roles enable functions to run smoothly, where Jason focuses on the visionary tasks and their partner, the COO, deals with operational tasks and meetings. Join the journey where Jason acknowledges the reality of plans changing and understands how to be flexible, move blocks rather than remove, and see the domino effect of adjusting timelines. By blocking your calendar in advance, realize how visually noting down your tasks and goals can help understand what you can accomplish within your bandwidth. Don't miss out on how this mirrors resource limitations and helps avoid unwanted urgencies. Remember, there's more than business acumen at stake here. The principles of Strategic calendar work blocking can also be applied to personal life, providing a structure for accountability and a greater likelihood of completion.

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