About Parker Cox

Parker Cox is a serial entrepreneur based in Boise Idaho with his wife and 4 sons.

As the co-founder of several ventures including Pavago, an offshore recruiting agency, Tenant Planet a property management company that manages over 1000 units, and Lead Flow Depot, a full service digital marketing agency, Parker has a wide array of experience and expertise across several verticals.

Parker is passionate about discussing business principles, and sharing actionable insights on marketing, operations and sales.

In his spare time Parker coaches his son’s soccer team and watches Arsenal FC.

Show notes

Welcome to another episode of The Businessology Show!

Jason explores the entrepreneurial journey and best practices for scaling businesses with special guest, Parker Cox. Parker shares his insights and experiences from managing multiple ventures—including property management, digital marketing, and offshore recruiting.

Tune in as they explore key topics such as the importance of accountability, creating stable cash flows in ""boring"" businesses, and the significance of robust operations and team structures. Parker sheds light on his hold company strategy, emphasizing his preference for strategic involvement over day-to-day operations, and discusses balancing professional goals with personal life.

They’ll dip into effective leadership, the impact of transparency and accountability, and strategic calendar management. Listen now and gain actionable insights and inspiration for your entrepreneurial endeavors!

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