About Dan Rundle

Dan is the CEO at Worthwhile - a leading software development consultancy headquartered in Greenville, SC. He is fired up about culture, growth, and quality. Dan spends the rest of his time with his family (wife + 4 kids), church, and distance running.

Show notes

Dan Rundle is the CEO of Worthwhile, a 20+ year old software development agency. In this episode, Jason Blumer and Dan cover a number of topics including:

-Why Worthwhile eliminated several types of service to focus on software development three years ago

-The challenges of developing software (scoping projects, meeting objectives, etc.)

-How Worthwhile spends their time at the beginning of a project in order to guarantee their clients that they can create an accurate timeline, budget, and deliver on features

-Why Worthwhile says no to so many opportunities

-Why Worthwhile has chosen to have salaried employees vs. contractors

-How Dan discovered that he needed to communicate the Worthwhile vision with his team

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